"After many years of dealing with manufacturers, I came to realize that dealing with a company that truly cares about my needs is very important. I get attention and great service with the new sales team they put in place.

"My product is of the highest quality without those fancy gimmicks. From that vintage sound, bluegrass tone, to the sustain and distortion those rocker customers of mine ask for, GSM has the diversity of products I always looked for. Thanks GSM!" Jerry LaLonda

"I was looking for a string manufacturer in the United States because the overseas strings I was getting ended up rusting and I had to throw them away. Purchasing from a company that uses all U.S. Steel products makes for a high quality product." Tommy Johanson.

"GSM basically hand held me through the process from start to finish. I put my brand on the Internet and immediately started selling guitar strings" Hans McDaniels

"I thought there were hundreds of string manufactures, only to find out there are a handfull of manufactures that actually do OEM Private label. If it was not for GSM's assistance, my string line would of never come to fruition." Jeff Mcque


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